Wednesday, February 2, 2011

WinterPRIDE Day 4

It's cold in Whistler but WinterPRIDE 2011 is heating up! BC's biggest and best ski resort is full of happenin homos from all over the world. The week is not even half over and I've talked to people from the US, UK, Sweeden, and of course... Canada!

This is Rob Easton, host of OUTtv's Don't Quit Your Gay Job standing in for Dean while his busy off organizing the extravaganza known as Winter Pride. I'll be running the @GayWhistler twitter account throughout #WinterPRIDE. Lemme know how you're doing!

The best part of the week so far has been watching how much Whistler has embraced the gays. Normally a fairly hetero place, the town is going out of its way to welcome us. One, rainbow banners and flags are everywhere, in store windows, on the street sign posts.

And two, sexy straight surfer snowboarder dudes posing for photos... shirtless (see left). Well at least he knows his market. He is one of the servers at Merlin's. where we had our apr├Ęs ski on Monday. I was especially amused when he said to our photographer, Mike Verbergt, "No we can do better than that."

And if you like this photo, head to our facebook page for ALL the shots he's taken so far.

Here are me and my volunteer buddies Al and Hunter from left to right. If you see us working away, come say hi. We're from Vancouver and mostly friend :p
See ya on the slopes. I'll be heading out on Thursday and Friday. Don't forget to let us know how #WinterPRIDE is treating you tweet us @GayWhistler. And say hi if you're out there.

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