Monday, July 25, 2011

Outgames EcoChallenge - Whistler Strikes Gold!

The weather gods provided the 2011 Vancouver Outgames EcoChallenge warriors amazing weather conditions for a truly epic adventure race at Lost Lake Park in Whistler, BC. The racers endured a 10KM track with an approximate elevation gain of 1,000 feet over seven disciplines: Running, Mountain Biking, Swimming, Rappel, Building a raft and paddel, Tyrolean Traverse, and Orienteering. Each team needed to complete a series of six check points to collect a ribbon, each ribbon a different color and together they make up a Rainbow Pride Flag.

The first Medals for the Outgames have been awarded to the EcoChallengers below! Congratulations!

Novice/Intermediate (Team of 2)

Men Gold: Michael Frolick & Rohan Hare [1hour, 45 min.]
Men Silver: Bill Wu & Hoa Ly [1 hour, 58 min.]
Men Bronze: Michael Brown & Daniel Suman [2hours, 30 min.]

Senior Men Gold: Greg Larocque & Terry Syvenky [3hours, 25 min.]
Senior Men Silver: Bruce Townsend & Gord Dunbar [3 hours, 28 min]

Women Gold: Karen McCormick, Elaine Colford, Diane Smith, Beth Hamilton [3 hours, 28 min.]

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