Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fit Tips by Brandon | Don't Cheat Yourself!

If something gets skipped in a workout, everyone seems to cut out warm ups, cool downs and stretching. Don’t cheat yourselves; these are integral parts of your workouts!

Warming up is really important to prevent injuries; in fact at the YMCA we don’t allow late comers to group fitness classes because jumping right into exercise can cause sprains, strains and many other injuries. It is universally accepted that dynamic active stretching is most effective before a workout. What this means is keep moving while you’re stretching. Five to ten minutes on a Concept II Rowing machine is ideal because it is a full body warm up! Try to include every joint.

Cooling down is also critical. If your heart is still pumping fast and your limbs are resting, pressure within your blood vessels builds up, leading to many different health problems including varicose veins!

Don’t cut out your stretching! Range of motion and ease within your muscles and tendons are so important during any muscular exertion. Your posture will improve (with proper form and technique during training) and you’ll feel more comfortable in your daily life. Have a safe workout!

Mr. Gay World, Francois Nel and Mr. Gay Hong Kong, Jimmy Wong take Brandon's advice when working out. Jimmy will be in Whistler during GayWhistler's WinterPRIDE as one of the celebrity judges for Mr. Gay Canada (Feb. 9-11) and both will be in South Africa for the Mr. Gay World Grand Finales April 4-8, 2012. For more information on Mr. Gay Canada click here For more information on Mr. Gay World click here For more information on GayWhistler's WinterPRIDE | Gay & Lesbian Ski/Snowboard Week Feb. 5-12, 2012 click here

Brandon Hamilton
Personal Trainer
Based out of the Robert Lee YMCA | Vancouver, BC |

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